Problem Solving

We work with a host of carefully vetted, highly professional manufacturing partners that help us to provide our customers with precisely what each one needs for their project.  We understand the challenges that may arise when selecting the right packaging.  At EmpireEMCO, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.

We are experienced in several market segments that include; cosmetic and personal care, home and garden, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical, household goods, cannabis as well as many others.  Our knowledge of the industry allows us to guide our customers toward the best possible solution for any product launch.

Stock Packaging

Our knowledgeable sales and support staff, armed with direct access to over 500 manufacturers of packaging components, we can provide competitive pricing and hands-on customer service every step of the way.

  • 500 + partners to source from
  • One-Stop-Shop for bottles, closures, and labels
  • Proficient in supply chain management
  • Logistics support and  management
  • Warehousing
  • Sustainable options
  • Stocking programs
  • Ability to marry custom bottle to stock closure or dispensing system
  • JIT programs

Custom Packaging Needs   

From:  Concept Renderings > Engineered 3D Drawings > Prototype > Deco

  • Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM)
  • Injection Blow Molding (IBM)
  • Injection Molding (IM)
  • Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM)
  • Package & Component design, engineering, and consultation
  • Quick turnaround from design to production-ready
  • Models (static and working)
  • Rapid Low-Cost Prototyping Tooling
  • Speed to Market Production Tooling
  • Assembly, Bristling, Sonic Welding, Vacuum Metalizing
  • Decoration
  • Quantities of 25M to 6MM
  • Sizes:  fractional to 2.5 Gallon
  • New product development launch
  • Flexible packaging options
  • Turn-Key Filling Options (domestic & foreign)
  • Financing of custom tooling

 Concept Renderings > Engineered 3D Drawings > Prototype > Deco


  • Concept Renderings - Within 4-5 Days
  • 3D Engineered Drawings- Within 2-3 Days
  • Models - Within 2-3 Days
  • ISBM - (Full Tool) - First Parts in 45-50 Days from Approved Drawing
  • ISBM - (Blow Cavity Only) - First Parts in 30-35 Days from Approved Drawing
  • EBM - First Parts in 60 Days from Approved Drawing
  • Injection Molding - First Parts in 45-50 Days from Approved Drawing


Project Management

We will work with you to determine if your project would be best suited for stock or custom packaging.  More details to come...


Packaging Design

There is a misconception that custom packaging is too expensive, difficult, or unsuitable. In reality, a custom package is often a viable option when there is an understanding of all the variables and finding the proper fit.

EmpireEMCO has developed strategies for many different custom packaging needs. It's not about selling you what we have, we find a solution to provide you with what you want. We can find just about anything required for a specific item and with our host of decoration options, we can often take standard items and render them into unique and attractive show-stoppers.

From designs engineered with today's innovation, EmpireEMCO's award-winning staff has the experience and the solutions to help you market your product. Call us and let us help you find the right packaging solution.



EmpireEMCO can provide conceptual and mechanical design and engineering services to our clients. Having these innovative services located on-site at our corporate headquarters enables us to provide quick turnaround, assisting in your product's speed to market. Services include:

  • Develop custom packaging solutions
  • 3D product development and rapid prototyping
  • Reverse engineering
  • Unit tools for short-run molding
  • Full production tooling services
  • Product integrity evaluation and testing
Global Sourcing

EmpireEMCO Identifies & develops business relationships with key suppliers for cost-effective & unique packaging solutions & innovations from countries around the world. While cost benefits can be substantial, we are also aware of the potential pitfalls of global sourcing. These often include a language barrier, cultural differences, freight and duty costs, different regulations for different geographic regions, etc.

We make sure to connect the right project with the right supplier for the best possible outcome for all the parties involved. Let us know if you need assistance with your next project.



Just-in-time drop shipments and fulfillment, specialty stocking and min/max programs - we have the expertise and the facilities to create the right warehouse solution for your business.

Our 100,000 square foot warehouse is conveniently located in Buffalo, New York, less than twenty minutes from the Canadian border and Interstate 90.

Also, our “strategic warehousing” platform can be extended to provide continuity and stability of supply. Give us a call today and find out how EmpireEMCO's strategic warehousing services and customized programs can help you with your post-packaging needs.



We offer shipping services —to simplify transportation management for you.  From coast to coast, dock to dock, and across all major transportation modes, we will connect you with carriers who transport goods quickly, securely and cost-effectively.


  • Bottle Surface Treatment
    • The surface treatment is the modern version of “flame treating” a plastic bottle. Flame treating is the application of a flame to the bottle surface to remove contaminants that would prevent the screen print from adhering.
  • Silk Screen Printing
    • A method of printing in which the ink is forced through a design on a taut screen, made of nylon, wire, or other tough screen material, onto the container to be printed. This method can be applied to closures, liners, and most containers regardless of shape or size.
  • Heat Transfer Labeling - also known as Therimage
    • The generic term is heat transfer labeling. Process in which a label is applied to a container by heating the label and the surface of the bottle. The heating of the label activates the adhesive on it. After the application, the labeled container is flamed to set the label. Used for decorating plastic bottles, glass bottles, and folding cartons.
  • Pressure Sensitive Labeling
    • Also called self-adhesive or adhesive-backed labels, a pressure-sensitive label is applied with light pressure and can stick to most surfaces and containers. Pressure-sensitive labels can handle a multitude of labeling projects because they can be printed on papers, films, and foils.
  • Hot Die Stamping
    • This decorating technique utilizes a die (design) that cuts metal foils from a ribbon and by heat, embosses the design onto the surface of the plastic containers. Often used in conjunction with silkscreening on cosmetic containers such as those used for shampoos and conditioners.
  • Sleeve Labeling
    • A decorated, plastic label made into a tubular form that fits over and on plastic bottles.
  • Heat Shrink Decorated Bands
    • Pre-decorated plastic sleeves that are slipped over the container and heated until they conform to the surface of the container. Same principle as the sleeve label, but superior for odd and small shapes.
  • Cold Colors - Organic Inks
  • Deco Effects - frosted, hi-gloss, metallic, acid-etched, water transfer, and more.
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