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Gary R. Ashe

National Director of Consumer Innovation

As National Director of Consumer Innovations at EmpireEMCO, Gary Ashe provides a unique service to our clients. He uses innovative processes to develop new, thought-provoking, traditional and non-traditional packaging opportunities.


Thriving on creating value between products and consumers, and following numerous successes with major global consumer product companies for over 25 years, Gary brings a fresh approach to packaging, brand identity, and innovation. He is a serial entrepreneur, building successful products by understanding both the client's desires and product design feasibility.

Gary has received numerous accolades and patents for consumer products, including Procter & Gambles Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Crayola's no-mess series of art tools for children, and BIC Wite-Out, among others. He has achieved these successes working with companies throughout North and South America, as well as Europe.

Gary has a concentration in the areas of Packaging, Household, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Arts and Crafts, Industrial, and Automotive markets. 

EmpireEMCO, a leader in packaging needs, has expanded their services to include EMCOEvolution, your resource for driving innovation and product design in packaging for all market categories. We look forward to innovating with you and your team.

Supply Chain Services, Warehousing, Stocking

Just-in-time drop shipments and fulfillment, specialty stocking and min/max programs - we have the expertise and the facilities to create the right warehouse solution for your business. Our 100,000 square foot warehouse is conveniently located in Buffalo, New York, less than twenty minutes from the Canadian border and Interstate 90.

In addition, our “strategic warehousing” platform can be extended to provide continuity and stability of supply. Give us a call today and find out how EmpireEMCO's strategic warehousing services and customized programs can help you with your post-packaging needs. 

Primary Packaging

EmpireEMCO Identifies & develops business relationships with key suppliers for cost effective & unique packaging solutions & innovations from countries around the world.    While cost benefits can be substantial, we are also aware of the potential pitfalls of global sourcing.  Some of which can be the language barrier, cultural differences and freight & duty costs.  We marry the right project with the right supplier for the best outcome for all parties.

Consumer Durables, Tools, Hardware, Formulations, Reverse Engineering, Tooling, Mold Making, Product Development Services, Laboratory, Testing, Certification

EmpireEMCO can provide conceptual and mechanical design and engineering services to our clients. Having these innovative services located on-site at our corporate headquarters enables us to provide quick turnaround, assisting in your product's speed to market. Services include:

  • Develop custom packaging solutions
  • 3D product development and rapid prototyping
  • Reverse engineering
  • Unit tools for short run molding
  • Full production tooling services
  • Product integrity evaluation and testing

Product Development Services, Design

There is a misconception that custom packaging is too expensive, difficult or not suitable. In reality, a custom package is often a viable option when there is an understanding of all the variables and finding the proper fit.  EmpireEMCO has developed strategies for many different custom packaging needs. Its not about selling you what we have, we find a solution to provide you with what you want.  From designs engineered with todays innovation, EmpireEMCO's award-winning staff has the experience and the solutions to help you market your product. Call us and let us help you find the right packaging solution.

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