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Fact vs. Fiction: 7 Reasons to Partner with Empire EMCO Rather Than Working Directly with Manufacturers

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In a world where every dollar matters, it can be tempting to buy packaging directly from a manufacturer. The assumption is that you will save money by eliminating one step in the traditional procurement process. Well, you know what they say about people who assume.

There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to work with Empire EMCO – including price, especially for small- to mid-sized companies! Before you decide to start working directly with manufacturers, let us separate fact from fiction and paint an accurate picture of a partnership with Empire EMCO.

1) Buying Power

Fiction: I will save money by “eliminating the middleman.”

Fact: Empire EMCO can purchase large quantities of an item from trusted, fully vetted manufacturers at lower per-unit pricing than a small- to mid-sized company. Instead of paying higher prices for the same product from various unknown manufacturers, you piggyback onto Empire EMCO’s substantial discounts for bulk-rate buying.

You are taking advantage of Empire EMCO’s buying power, a welcome benefit at a time when many companies are struggling with economy-driven, scaled-back spending.

2) Local Sales Representation

Fiction: I do not need a local sales presence. Nobody knows my product better than me.

Fact: Partnering with local sales representatives fosters consistency, continuity, satisfaction, and reassurance. You will be able to develop an ongoing relationship with sales representatives who take the time to listen and understand the nature of your business and your unique packaging needs. When they tap into their vast supplier network, the sales team can deliver more choices for parts and materials and a more effective packaging solution.

3) Turnkey Supply Chain

Fiction: One less stop in the supply chain means faster, simpler fulfillment.

Fact: A packaging solution may require interactions with several suppliers for as many as five different components, such as containers, closures, decorating, and labeling. That means negotiating with multiple suppliers, dealing with the scheduling and lead times of multiple suppliers, and managing relationships with multiple suppliers – all of which create complexity and uncertainty in the supply chain.

Empire EMCO can take charge of the entire project, start to finish, ensuring you receive exactly what you need, when you need it, at a competitive price.

4) Custom Package Development

Fiction: If I deal directly with the manufacturer, they will collaborate with me to develop custom packaging.

Fact: With a manufacturer, you may be limited to the types of packaging they already produce. Customization capabilities may also be limited. This can get in the way of innovation and competitive differentiation.

Empire EMCO can take a “napkin drawing” of a custom bottle, turn it into an engineering drawing, find the right materials, create, and qualify the mold that meets exact specifications, and produce all parts of your “dream” package. In other words, if you have an idea to brand your product and the right package does not exist, Empire EMCO can develop it from concept through production.

5) Quality Assurance

Fiction: There will be fewer errors because I will have direct contact with manufacturers.

Fact: In an ideal world, mistakes never happen. Everyone is always happy. In the real world, this just is not the case.

Are your packaging components being manufactured to your precise specifications? Are your manufacturers meeting your company’s sustainability requirements? How are issues like these addressed, and by whom?

One major advantage to partnering with Empire EMCO is that they are the single point of contact for resolving problems across all components of your project. Simply put, Empire EMCO takes ownership of quality issues before they occur. Empire EMCO is educated about your company’s certifications and qualifications, including sustainable packaging initiatives, and will make sure manufacturers live up to their end of the deal.

6) Logistics and Scheduling

Fiction: We can do this in-house. It is just a few extra phone calls.

Fact: Management of logistics and scheduling is a resource-intensive responsibility that requires equal amounts of vigilance and experience. When you work directly with manufacturers, this responsibility is yours.

On the other hand, Empire EMCO is a one-stop resource that manages all phases of your project, from sourcing to scheduling to delivery, ensuring the lowest possible total cost of goods. Having a trusted partner who can manage and troubleshoot all areas of logistics gives you more time to focus on your core job functions. This saves time and money and allows you to be more productive and efficient.

7) An Unbiased Approach to Your Solution

Fiction: I will not be asked to compromise when choosing a manufacturer’s packaging solution.

Fact: A manufacturer will often try to squeeze your need into their product or production capability because it is all they have to offer. They understandably have an inherent bias for their own products.

Empire EMCO is manufacturer-neutral, motivated only by providing a solution that meets your budgetary and strategic business goals. It does not matter if the right products are custom or stock. Empire EMCO can cast a wider net with their arsenal of supply resources and provide advice and recommendations for your specific requirements. Instead of compromising to use the product of a manufacturer, let Empire EMCO find a better solution.

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