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“Invention is the process of taking capital and turning it into knowledge. Innovation is the process of taking knowledge and turning it back into capital”

As National Director of Consumer Innovations at EmpireEMCO, Gary Ashe provides a unique service to our clients. He uses innovative processes to develop new, thought-provoking, traditional and non-traditional packaging opportunities.

Gary has received numerous accolades and patents for consumer products, including Procter & Gambles Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Crayola's no-mess series of art tools for children, and BIC Wite-Out, among others. He has achieved these successes working with companies throughout North and South America, as well as Europe.

Gary has a concentration in the areas of Packaging, Household, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Arts and Crafts, Industrial, and Automotive markets.

EmpireEMCO, a leader in packaging needs, has expanded their services to include EMCOEvolution, your resource for driving innovation and product design in packaging for all market categories. We look forward to innovating with you and your team.

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